You know what the best thing about this chart is? Katherine made it. I had the "data," and I made an initial chart, but Katherine made it look much better. I mean, check out the nifty exploded view! I'm the supposed computer geek, but there are technical things she knows that I have no clue about.

...and it isn't just with computers. The very first time Katherine came to my apartment, she was watching TV while I was cooking. I said, "Sorry about the picture. The cable's kind of messed up." She didn't say "Can you fix it?" or "Did you call the cable company?"- instead, she said: "That's just ghosting. Your coax is acting like an antenna, so you're getting the broadcast and the cable signal at the same time. It would probably go away if you checked the connections and replaced the fittings."

That was the moment I knew I loved her.